Social Analytics Tracker App

Designed Instagram Social Analytics Tracker app with over 1M+ downloads.

Project Summary

Social Tracker is top Instagram Analytics tracker which shows analytics of Instagram users and has over 1 million downloads since launch. I was a Lead Product Designer at Social Tracker App, where I was responsible for the design, to incorporate interaction design and to bring more users to the app.

Below is the case study on how I used data to design the app, introduced new features, gamification and finally leading to an increase in users retention.

Project Details

Client Name


Project duration

6 Months

App Dwonload

Playstore, IOS


I was the lead product designer for the Social Analytical Tracker app platform. I worked alongside my head of design, product managers and researchers in a cross-functional team while managing and mentoring product designers.

I raised the standard for what users should expect from Social Tracker APP with a focus on creating high-quality interaction design and greater consistency through a new design system.

UX Design

  • Designed the Social Tracker App with design sprints, mapped user journeys, designed wire-frames, created polished visuals, prototypes, and introduced interactions, animations in the redesign while improving the customer-centered user experience.
  • Responsible for the conceptualization of upcoming features, story boarding, creating prototypes with smooth interactions, improving the user experience, and Interface design at Social Tracker App.
  • Lead the UI/UX efforts for the organization, setting design direction, driving discussion, participating in delivery, planning, and coordination efforts.
  • Crafted the best UX solutions based on customer feedback and business goals while considering the core brand look and feel.
  • Created high-quality UI deliverable’s based on UX goals and priorities, including annotated wire-frames (low fidelity to high fidelity) followed by production-ready final mock-ups.
  • Mentored the design team with new skills such as micro-interactions & the latest tools through training.
  • Showcasing the analytical data to the users in most effective way.

Visual Design

After ideas were wireframed, I moved to design those ideas and see how the whole thing is coming together. I used Adobe XD and Sketch to design the screens.
We explored a lot of Chinese apps to find out how they handled their products for so many users.

Pink & Red


Open Sans Regular 32pt

Open Sans Regular 24pt

Open Sans Regular 16pt

Open Sans Bold 14pt

I used Open Sans font on this design,


Here is the final designed layout for the APP.

Case Study

Redesigning the Social Analytics Tracker App

Scroll to read the case study outlining the process I used to design the app in line with the user interests and drive the User Interaction rate.


  • On analysis of data, we found out that the major problem was the home screen’s low engagement and low user retention.
  • The home screen wasn’t as personalized to the user as it should be.
  • Users were bouncing before even they see analytics data.

Designing UI Elements

After ideas were wire-framed, I moved to design those ideas and see how the whole thing is coming together. I used Sketch to design the screens. We explored a lot of Tracking apps to find out how they handled their designs and data’s for so many users.

Final Designs of the Social Analytics Tracker App.

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